Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Consideration of Job 5:17-18

The discipline of God -- In the Holy Scripture the elect are assured time and again that our God chastises, prunes, reproves, corrects, chides...etc. all those for whom He has great love. Yet, time and again sinful hearts resent such correction. Fallen and corrupted human flesh and blood always and ever seeks its own comfort and satisfaction. Our Father's (often gentle) temporal rebukes serve to deliver us from a more dire and eternal punishment. Beloved, know that the Father, [who may allow what for a time we see as struggle or misfortune] can and is, by His grace shown in Jesus Christ, using it for your eventual and eternal blessing.

The above painting is a presentation of Job and his three friends as they consider, discuss and disagree about God and His gracious favor. This painting is by American painter Guy (Giro) Rowe 1894-1968

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