Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Joy of Computers?!

We have no computers today! (Monday February 9)
The work of the Church is at a standstill!!! - (tongue in cheek) Look how far we have come since the simple and perhaps simplistic (as misunderstood by "forward thinking" entities) preaching of the Word and faithful expression of Christian love and service in our daily vocations; or better said - see how far we have fallen? Thanks be to God in Jesus Christ that the tool of God's activity is His Holy Spirit --working in and through the Word and Sacraments. May we never lose sight of the love that God showers upon us in His Son and the Life that comes in that glorious knowledge and trust!
Hilary of Poitiers writes concerning this love,
"Gifts of price are the evidence of affection, the greatness of the surrender of the greatness of the love. God who loved the world, gave not an adopted Son, but His own, His only begotten...Here in is the proof of His love and affection, that He gave His own, His only begotten Son."
(Quotation from Treasury of Daily Prayer p. 1195)

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