Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Reality of Death

I read a great piece this week about death. The link is here. Just my thoughts on the subject -- humanity (read modern culture) degrades life (abortion, euthanasia, etc) because we deny the reality of death. I preached at a funeral not long ago - " you know why we use such beautiful caskets? I answered that rhetorical question with this -- "to hide the ugly truth within - a dead human being." We are taught that death is a part of life!? Nothing could be further from the truth - God, our beloved Father, created us to LIVE - and live in perfect communion with Him. Death is punishment. The fear that most often accompanies death (i.e. on the part of the living) is simply the LAW of God unalloyed and at full potency. There in the casket is the result of sin and sinfulness - and it is gut wrenching and terrifying. How does one without faith in the Resurrection and the Life, Jesus Christ, face this enemy? I pray for them.

Thanks be to God that we have trust in Jesus Christ who has risen from death - it could not hold Him and it will not hold you who are in Christ Jesus! Live in the grace and peace of Christ.

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