Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In an attempt to MP3

In the near future I am going to attempt to post sermon recordings on this blog -- It is my prayer that the Word, our Lord has so graiously allowed me to speak will be of benefit to someone or someones.
So if I email you and ask --
how does this MP3 thing work? -- be gentle!


Peter said...


i put mp3 recordings of my sermons on the church's website. it is very easy.

Pastor Kelly J. Leary said...

is that the one you email to me? what do you record it on?

Peter said...

k -

yep, that's what i email to you. i record it on a little mp3 player that has a recording feature (might have to look hard for that capability at best buy). i then copy the recording to my computer, put the file in an email, and send it off. easy as cake. really, it is.