Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday Sermon for Lent V + Is Time Really on your Side?

While I do not have the manuscript for yesterday's sermon - here is the gist of my preaching.

Introduction -
Use of the Rolling Stones song - Time is on my Side. That along with the placement of the Paschal candle - either Easter or funeral -- and it is not Easter yet. Time is NOT on our side.

Text - Saint John 11 -- Lazarus being raised. Death comes - not when we are always prepared, but it comes.

Transition -- Time well spent is time spent as God ordains it - Love God and Love your neighbor.

  • Yesterday Too much time is spent here - regrets of sin past as well as romanticizing what went before. Yesterday is gone. Thanks be to God there is forgiveness in Christ - for while we cannot undo our sin ridden past - God can and doe through the death of Jesus.

  • Tomorrow - dreams and hopes, worries and wonders - Jesus tells us the truth when He counsels, have no worry for tomorrow -- and Saint James as well - do not say we will do this next year or that but IF THE LORDS WILLS...

  • Today -- is the day of salvation. Hearing, trusting, Believing on Jesus and His blessed sacrifice is the only reality we have -- yesterday is gone and tomorrow never comes --- trusting on the life and death, the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ TODAY is the Holy Spirit preparing us for...........................................Forever.

Time is not on our side - but Christ is and so come what may life or death we know that for the sake of the Lord and His meritorious death we have the gift of time today - that we love God and neighbor and that He prepare us for the time to come - with out end.

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