Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome to the Tundra!

It has been long since I have written - vacancy aside - no excuses, I was lazy. So on this day on having been prompted by our blog moderators I offer an analysis of the GBP/SEA game from saturday and why the Packers will beat NYG on Sunday.

Physical play. The Packers looked on Sunday as if they actually enjoyed the hitting as football was long ago. The likes of Huff and Butkus, Nitschke and Dobler must have been pleased. No dome - play like men in the cold and snow. If you got dinged - so what - as my coach always told us -- and this was in HS "...rub some dirt on it and get back in there."
The Pack played football - Seattle tried to "win".

Green Bay should physically dominate both sides of the ball. We have better OL and DL, better LB, much better secondary, better recievers, more consistent running game and yes, even our old QB - but old just means experienced. GB by 10... Now if only the PATS would lose - but that's another story.

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Norman Teigen said...

Remember the old saw that 'pride goeth before the fall.'

It should be a good game but I always like it when Packer fans underrate the opposition.

Norman Teigen
Viking rube