Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Grace of God in Christ

Dear Christian Friends, I was just reflecting on the joy it is to be truly evangelical. That is to possess a faith that is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each week I and all who gather are priveleged to hear the Word, spoken and preached. Each week I and all who gather receive into our mouths the true body and blood of Christ. We cannot be bound closer to God than this -- just some thoughts about our great heritage as Lutherans - I pray our synod is preserved from all the spiritually vague, religiously fasle, poitically correct protestantization -- I will be praying for the work of the convention.

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pabauernfeind said...

Unfortunately, our synodical convention has become less theologicial and more about compromising on any number of issues that are really not relevant for a synod. Seems to me we have many fluff, feel-good resolutions, which are nice, but do we really need to spend time on them? On the positive side, the theme "One message: Christ", now that's a proclamation that we can and should be about each Sunday through the Word and the Sacraments -- they are about and bring to us the one needful thing: Christ crucified and risen.