Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Convention Over -- what about our heritage?

I have not yet looked at all the resolutions and actions passed this past week in Houston. What I did see and hear was not all to my understanding of the theology our synod purports to believe, teach and confess. I believe I saw the Specific Ministry Pastor Program passed. I am not sure how that will play out and to be honest I don't know where I fall on the issue. I need to study more and consult with other brothers. A buddy of mine said it well, a lot of "feel good fluff" -- sadly he is right. many applause -- well deserved, the worship committee especially for LSB. Now maybe we can finally begin to come to grips with who we are -- and agree on what we are to be doing. Christ be with us and grant us peace.

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Peter said...

I was able to watch some of the convention through the video streaming. I am glad the synod finally provided this service! I am waiting for the "Proceedings" to be mailed out when we can read the resolutions and ponder them. How come no resolutions came to "Today's Business" regarding the ELCA? The workbook contained several such resolutions. In August the ELCA is meeting in assembly. The issue of homosexual and lesbian pastors will be on the agenda. Shouldn't we as a synod have passed a resolution encouraging the ELCA to prayerfully consider the actions they will adopt in a month? Let's be realistic about this. It may not happen in 2007, but sooner or later the ELCA is going to adopt a full-fledged homosexual agenda. Shouldn't we as a synod be speaking about this publically to the ELCA, encouraging them to stand on the Scriptures and weather the waves of political correctness and special interests groups?

The ELCA is also going to celebrate the release of their new hymnal, "Evangelical Lutheran Worship". The ELW is a far cry from the LBW; in fact, it seems like the ELCA is going backwards regarding worship. They are taking the lowest common denominator approach to worship. A number of delegates raised concerns at the ELCA's 2005 Assembly at the watering down of Lutheran doctrine and worship. Their fears were justified with the publication of the ELW. I am thankful that our synod did such an awesome job with LSB. The committee and everyone involved with this massive project are to be commended for their excellent work.