Saturday, June 20, 2009

North Wisconsin District Convention

Attending the chief legislative assembly of anything is usually considered to be as exciting as an insurance seminar. However, we in the NWD of the LC-MS were, in my opinion, excused from sch suffering. Thank you to all who worked very hard for us to attend this convention and accomplish the work we were given to do.
Overall, I found the convention to be uplifting and encouraging. President Kieschnick presented the same address as all the other conventions I have read reports about. While the "River City" references were a bit suggestive of a negative attitude, I do believe that we have far more going for us, even as an institution, than we have going against us.

The Structure Committee was interesting. I think I find myself in the minority about possible structural changes being advanced. I surely do not wish to try to elucidate my thoughts about it all here - so if you wanna talk structure, you need to call me. Now my brief thoughts, a more centralized governance would not necessarily be all bad.
The Transforming Churches Network presentation was less satisfying.
It was great to be in that crowd as we sang with boldness and volume. I always enjoy that part of all ecclesial gatherings.

The conclusion +

Christ is still the Head of the Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.


Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

I'm glad you found TCN less than satisfying. I've seen it in action in Ohio, and it is all about turning Gospel into Law.

Peter said...

We had the 5th(?) Synodical V.P. (Buegler) give our presentation. He also preached at our opening divine service. He gave a good sermon.

Which V.P. did you have? Or did you get the President, himself?

Our convention spent a lot of time discussing with Buegler the Blue Ribbon Task Force, and it was a fruitful debate for the delegates and the V.P.

Like the Syn. Pres. says, "We have a lot in commmon", but those areas where we have discord we still need to work on having concord because some of those areas are weighty and important areas.