Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Word of Christ

The writing for the day(2/24/09) in the TDP (Treasury of Daily Prayer) grants a certain sense of perspective to life in this world of “SELF righteousness” and “SELF improvement” and really any other use of the adjective SELF. Luther remarks concerning the near stoning of the woman caught in adultery. The Reformer’s words make a substantive point regarding justification. It addresses redemption in this manner– it allows God to be God; that is, God is the justifier of all (manifestly in Jesus Christ). He alone can and does grant forgiveness. It also moves to this end - that God alone may be worshiped and glorified.

Luther writes, “A sinner is a person who feels his sin.” Thus only those sinners belong in the Kingdom of Christ who recognize their sin, feel it, and then catch hold of the Word of Christ spoken here: I do not condemn you.”

The justification of the sinner is not alone in their recognition of their damnable place before God – but rather in the absolution offered by God in Christ.

Therefore Luther can comment that, “the Pharisees, these rogués were no sinners; but they became sinners when Christ said, ‘Let him is without sin, etc.’ Now they became sinners. But they despaired and slunk away. In their arrogance they hid their sin and would not await Christ’s second statement: ‘Neither do I condemn you.’”

Herein lay the difference between the justified and the condemned; the Word of Christ.

The above photo is the work of Roman Loranc and is entitled "Absolution". Roman Loranc is one of the top classic B&W photographers in the USA. His studio is located in Modesto, CA.

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