Friday, October 17, 2008

The Coming Presidential Elections

With November 4th just around the corner my thoughts have turned to the election of our Synod's President in 2010. Whereas in civil politics (an oxymoron?)men and women put themselves forward for office - we in the Church are taught (and I beleive rightfully so..) that the man must never seek the office but rather that the office seek the man. I firmly hold that is how it took place here in the North Wisconsin District. The Lord our God rasied a man from among us and -- he has been a faithful servant. So...since the call to president comes not from anyone seeking the call (is the election of president a "call" as we understand it either historically or confessionally?) WHO WOULD YOU OFFER AS NOMINEE FOR SYNOD PRESIDENT?


Peter said...

I can say the same thing about the election of our English District President/Bishop a couple of years ago. A godly, confessional man was raised up who has done an exceptional job dealing with all the squabbles that occur within a district.

The names I expect to see submitted would be President Kieschnick, Dan Preus, and Matt Harrison.

As to your question of the call, Walther held to the understanding that synodical presidents and district presidents were expected to remain pastors of their congregations; it was also applied to the calling of seminary presidents and seminary professors--all of whom were called to their respective positions by a specific congregation.

Today, our synod and district presidents have too many responsibilities that require all of their time and attention, and I am grateful to all the diligent and committed work these men do for us in both the synod and the districts.

Pastor Kelly J. Leary said...

Todd Wilken was also described as being CALLED to serve as host of IE way back when - is that a legit use of the term and intention?

I have heard Harrison -- but not preus again -- I just think his name will automatically make any one undecided as to which way to go to back to Keischnick -- Preus is a very polarizing name (that is not a judgment simply an observation)

BRIGHTON IN 2010!!!!!!

Peter said...

We don't understand the ,,call" according to the Waltherian model today. Unless you understand synod, seminaries, and colleges as ,,the church at large" which is issuing the call.

We seem to have a two-fold use of the call. First and foremost is for those pastors called to the pastoral ministry by a church. Second, all those other positions that people are called to in the church, synod, or educational institutions.

It seems that the Lutheran understanding of vocation would not find fault with using ,,call" for the vocations we have in this life.