Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beaver makes me Proud!

Justin Beaver.
If you don't know him, or at least what he has accomplished - you should. He has not cured cancer or set about bringing peace to the world. What he has done, anyone who roots for the underdog will appreciate. Beaver led his team the UW Whitewater Warhawks to the D3 Football Cahmpionships for several years running. 2007 finally saw his team take the trophy. Justin was awarded the Gaglardi Award - the award given to the best D3 football player annually, both on the field and off. He was also invited to the Packers rookie camp. He did not get an offer sheet - but for all of us who ever wanted just the chance to don an NFL helmet and give it a go -- thank you. As a former player, as a D3 fan and as a father - I am glad there are still men like you out there.

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