Monday, October 15, 2007

5 and 1 Cinco y uno

Yep - as certain as a Mark Tauscher block - the Green and Gold are 5 and 1 going into the bye. Who'da thunk it?!! I also am going to get to see Concordia U of Wisconsin Falcons in action versus Benedictine Eagles first week in November. I have the honor of introducing my 6 year old to the sideline. Lord willing, my oldest and other boys will offer another generation of Falcons!


Peter said...

Watching college football in the stadium is awesome! I used to sit at the 50-yard line and watch the Valparaiso Crusaders go from a laughing-stock during my collegiate days to champions in my early years as a pastor. The side-lines must be even better than my season tickets used to be.

Pastor Kelly J. Leary said...

you are an alum -- should be easy to get on the sideline -- thye are 1 AA so they dont have the regulations that the 1A does -- there are plenty of d3 teams by you

Ill check on proximity